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Sharing Activities

By Janice Bellinger / November 4, 2015

We also gave ideas on ways to visually and otherwise support student independence during these types of technology projects. Our audience shared fantastic ideas and insight as well. (If you were in the audience, thank you!!) Below, we share some sample projects and student-support documents. To download the file, click on the link. (To make […]


Interesting Article: Using Video Games to Train Brains

By Janice Bellinger / October 17, 2015

This is my last month in a classroom full-time (at least for now). Soon, I will be joining our district’s Office of Autism as an autism coach. My responsibilities will be different, more teacher-training focused. I tell you this because it means I won’t be posting activities within the context of big unit plans. I […]


Workshop Documents: Integrating Technology

By Janice Bellinger / September 4, 2015

There is no real substitute for learning through real-world experience. Ideally, all students — most especially students with autism — should have many, many structured, safe, real-world learning activities. Learning traffic safety is an excellent example of why this is. What possible substitute can there be? Researchers have explored using virtual reality to teach students […]


How To Turn Your Instructingautism From Blah Into Fantastic

By Janice Bellinger / August 15, 2015

This screen shot above is from the medium-level interactive book. In it, students can look to a picture-cue on each page to help them uncover an answer to the question. On this level, I generally expect (with some exceptions) that the student will type the word or phrase shown, rather than a full, independent sentence. […]


Lesson Plans

By Janice Bellinger / June 28, 2015

Above is a screen shot from the highest level of activity. In it, students who can read and write are asked to read the question about what to do before a party and answer with a full sentence. he picture-word toolbars help students interact with the text visually by finding the picture that makes the […]


Top 8 Ways To Buy A Used Instructingautism

By Janice Bellinger / June 19, 2015

All of the activities I created in Classroom Suite. Not that I want to repeatedly promote one piece of software. BUT, if you have limited resources – as we do in schools – AND you want a multi-purpose piece of software that is highly customizable, this is the best software to use (that I know […]


Kidspiration Activity: Drawing Traffic Safety Signs

By Janice Bellinger / October 28, 2014

I viewed this party planning unit as a great opportunity to enforce reading or listening comprehension, writing response skills, and social understanding. So, I broke the topic down into 5 areas: why we have parties; who we invite to parties; when we have parties; where we have parties; and what we do to prepare for […]