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Party Planning Unit

By Janice Bellinger / December 17, 2015

My own school district, District 75 in New York City, has posted a number of books visually and otherwise adapted for students with autism. Included are many books with Mayer-Johnson symbols. These are a great – and free – resource for teachers. Some are perfect for printing and reading. Others include audio and are nicely […]



By Janice Bellinger / December 12, 2015

Like many of us, I love to keep up with the latest in autism research. So, I’m really delighted to have happened upon a wonderful blog that summarizes recent studies, Translating Autism. The information there is presented clearly and it is updated pretty frequently. There is so much out there! I’d love to hear about […]


Sign Matching Quiz

By Janice Bellinger / October 23, 2015

Now, the question is how did I miss these when I was in the classroom, hmmm?! I talk a lot about Classroom Suite’s Activity Exchange, but there are other software activity and lesson plan sharing communities out there as well. The two other software programs I use the most are Kidspiration (or Inspiration, depending on […]


Interesting Article: Using Video Games to Train Brains

By Janice Bellinger / October 17, 2015

This is my last month in a classroom full-time (at least for now). Soon, I will be joining our district’s Office of Autism as an autism coach. My responsibilities will be different, more teacher-training focused. I tell you this because it means I won’t be posting activities within the context of big unit plans. I […]


How To Turn Your Instructingautism From Blah Into Fantastic

By Janice Bellinger / August 15, 2015

This screen shot above is from the medium-level interactive book. In it, students can look to a picture-cue on each page to help them uncover an answer to the question. On this level, I generally expect (with some exceptions) that the student will type the word or phrase shown, rather than a full, independent sentence. […]

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